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Qasa Yam Pounding Machine + Cooker QYP-6000

Introducing, Yam Pounding machine. Why must you drop sweat before eating? Time to go beyond the usual into something simpler and robust. This na Yam Pounder oooo. No shaking at all. No more lumps to your pounded yam. With this machine you are guaranteed of same taste and feel like the traditional mortar and pestle wielding pounding. This machine has the ability to cook and also pound at the same time. Leaving you with ever looking fresh and youthful. It has the capacity to handle 3.6 liters volume of yam. With its stainless steel internal mechanism, you can be rest assured of no colouration to your yam, no smell and no change in taste. This technology can both cook and pound and can retain your pounded yam warm before serving for consumption. The testimony of this product do abound and statistics show that users can't tell the difference between using this item and the traditional or conventional mortar and pestle.
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