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Scratch Car Repair Spray Paint(Sliver Colour)


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For a clean, bright finish on furniture, wicker, tools, lamps, wood, metal, patio furniture etc. Non-toxic when dry. For interior or exterior use. Gives the Appearance of  colour• Dries Fast for Easy Touch-Ups on Bumpers, Being a well oriented firm, we are delivering a quality certified series of ROCKET Spray Paints. This is a quality tested product that is used in variety of chemical industries. The offered item is processed utilizing best quality constituents and modern technology. In addition, our valuable customers can avail this product from us at industry leading prices. Applications: Maybe used on wood, metal, drywall, plaster, cardboard and masonry. For example– Furniture - Toys - Lamps- Cabinets - Bicycles - Doors and many more. All Surfaces must be free of any grease, dirt, rust, moisture, loose paint, or any other material which might interfere with proper adhesion. Glossy surfaces must be dulled by light sanding. Metals should be rust free and primer should be used for best results. Add vibrant color to car, home and hobby. Stops Sticking, Binding, and Squeaking Repels Moisture; Conditions Rubber Seals Long Durability and Performance High Quality, Fast Drying for Interior/Exterior Use Furniture, Bikes, Wheels


Add vibrant color to car, Stops Sticking, Binding Repels Moisture; Conditions Rubber Seals Long Durability and Performance High Quality, Fast Drying for Interior/Exterior Use Furniture, Bikes, Wheels
  • Dries fast
  • , and Squeaking
home and hobby.
  • For car scratches repair
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3D Wall Lighting Warm White


Save: 14,000.00 (46.7%)

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interior design lighting gives you the beauty of home.


  • Great design
  • 3D Led light
  • Easy fixing
  • many colours
  • Dim colours
  • Durable
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Product details

Enjoy the latest Technology on personal transportation. A sensor sensitive to movement in the direction of your body.   Perfect gift for the friends and family members this coming holidays. Ride within estates, compounds malls etc Max weight- 120kg Battery usage- 2-3 hours. Bluetooth Smart self-balance- Bluetooth Self Balancing drifting board is a high-tech electric scooter, which based on dynamic balance principle can control forward backward, stop. Easy operation, flexible control low carbon, green environment protection and suitable for the road are self Balancing drifting board’s advantages. Self Balancing drifting board is widely used in leisure walking, scenic tours, security patrol and other fields. Parameters Product: Smart Self Balance Power: 700W Voltage: 36V Range max: 22miles Weight: 27.5 pounds Wheel Size: 6.5 nches Max Speed: 9mph Conton Size: 26x10x9inches Max Load: 275 pounds Smart self-balancing electric scooter, the new smart way to ride with your friends. This product is also great for those students at school campuses. Things to consider: If not used within a month’s time please make sure to charge at least once a month. Please do not try to go on top of the electric scooter without it being on as you may fall and injure yourself.


  1. Product: Smart Self Balance
  2. -: Power 700W
  3. - Voltage: 36V
  4. - Range max: 22miles
  5. - Weight: 27.5 pounds
  6. - Wheel Size: 6.5 nches
  7. - Max Speed: 9mph
  8. - Conton Size: 26x10x9inches
  9. - Max Load: 275 pounds
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Vibroaction Vibro Action Electric Massager Slimming Fitness Belt


Product description

Relax And Lose Weight At Once!Smart, Health Benefiting Technology! 5 LEVELS- 5 different levels of intensity to find one that suits you.AUTO MODE- Fitted with an automatic mode for a hassle-free use.SKIN BENEFITS- Vibrations penetrate the skin and help keep skin elasticated and firm to the touch.TARGETS FAT- Perfect for targeting specific areas, like the abdomen, rear or thighs, to slim down.ERGONOMIC DESIGN- Belt is soft, comfortable, adjustable and lightweight for a nice and easy use.REMOTE CONTROLLED- For an easy to control and accessible use.VIBRATIONS- Activate and enhance blood circulation which aids in the removal of cellulite. Vibrate your way to a healthier you with this Vibroaction Slimming Belt, that not only aids in weight-loss but keeps your body healthy and relaxed as well. Weight loss can be such a hassle, especially when you have little time to exercise and shed those pounds off. Luckily, the Vibrating Belt Vibroaction Slimming Massager does all the fat-melting work for you without compromising your time or effort! The Vibrating Belt Vibroaction Slimming Massager vibrates your unwanted fat off in just 10 minutes a day. It works in all your problem areas, like thighs, hip, and tummy. If you've had trouble targeting those problem areas, the Vibroaction belt can quickly fix that for you! To use the belt, simply place it around your problem area and it will literally vibrate your fat away. With vibration motions the belt activates the blood circulation for less cellulite and is ideal for all your problem areas.


  • Get a relaxing massage while ridding yourself from ugly cellulite-Tones and shapes your body without any exercise-Safe and inexpensive way to trim down
  • See results in just a few days
  • Vibroaction vibrating slimming massager belt. Vibro Action is an abdominal belt designed to help workout your abs with vibration. It can also be used to help tone other parts of the body, including your thighs, arms, and butt. If you are looking for something like this to use in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Features:
  • High power; weight loss remove orange peel Cellulite Massage Fitness
  • Connecting the power, the controller in his hand, press ON / OFF key (the first), machine began activated, then the second MODE button, press the automatic process, press the MODE button is manual program, after entering into the program manually, you can (+)(-) button to adjust the vibration amplitude and intensity!
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Decrownies Electronics Automatic Changeover Box


Product details

Auto change from GEN to NEPA while your gen goes off without interrupting your entertainment. Enjoy a smarter and more comfortable life. This automatic changeover device automatically transfers power from generator supply to PHCN supply when it is available without your intervention and stops the generator without allowing your gadgets to lose power. it helps you save fuel, increases your level of comfort and places you at no risk of electrocution. The device also allows the user stop the generator from  the comfort of where it is installed KEY FEATURES
  • Suitable for generators up to 5kVA (30A current output)
  • Automatically changes over to PHCN when available
  • Works for all class of domestic generators, key start or not
  • Easy to install, can be installed by any qualified electrical technician.
  • 12 months warranty, 24/7 after sales support
  • Ultra fast changeover process; your appliances will not notice the change of power and will not go off
  • Allows users to stop their generators from the comfort of their room
  • Works for all class of domestic generators, key start or not
  • Can be used  in either automatic or manual mode
  • No user interaction is needed for changeover to occur when operating in automatic modep45454
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