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Olympic Barbell Set – 150kg

Product Description: Colour - Black&Silver The Olympic Barbell 150kg Set includes: Olympic Bar 1 20kg 1.25kg Barbell Plate 4 5kg 2.5kg Barbell Plate 4 10kg 5kg Barbell Plate 2 10kg 7.5kg Barbell Plate 2 15kg 10kg Barbell Plate 2 20kg 15kg Barbell Plate 2 30kg 20kg Barbell Plate 2 40kg High repetitions with lower weights would be aimed at increasing strength and, anaerobic endurance to produce leaner muscles i.e. toning; While a regime centered on the use of larger weights should develop larger muscles and bulking. These weights can be used in different directions and forms to target specific muscle groups for either gaining muscular size or increasing calorific demand in the area for toning. For example, the underarms can be targeted by lifting the weight to the sides of the body along the shoulder rather than folding upwards towards the chin. The value behind free weights is the virtually limitless freedom to adapt your work-out to target which ever muscle group you choose.
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