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Under Vehicle Search Mirror / Vehicle Inspection Mirror

Product Description: This product‎'‎s handle extends from 42‎"‎ to 51‎"‎‎. ‎Equipped with adjustable swivel for infinite adjustment, has a heavy-duty extruded rubber rim to help prevent damaging objects, when maneuvering. Full range of motion with effortless maneuvering.‎ Applications: It's used to detect vehicles , machine , warehouse, school ,and factory equipment for explosives and it protects from imminent from bomb threat. It can be used in airport security, parking detecting , Military range check , and private vehicles detecting. and our models have been used in large sports meeting , important meeting, police ,famous hotels, factory etc. It's available with tripod ball bearing castor wheels, allowing a variety of motion with easy maneuverability Having heavy-duty extruded rubber rim for convenience Equipped with adjustable swivel wheels for lightweight niter adjustment with 51inch (130cm) handle Low 3.5inch (10.6cm) ground clearance Available with ash light, batteries, and mounting brackets Can be used both indoors and outdoors Specifications: Lightweight with adjustable handle Low 3.5‎"‎ ground clearance For indoor or outdoor usage Scratch resist Detailed Product Description Easy operation Clear Hardware plastic at the bottom Not easy broken Lightweight Under vehicle search mirror KEY FEATURES Under Vehicle Search Mirror ML professional designed for a long time check the bottom of the vehicle design and other necessary objects. For indoor or outdoor usage. Always widely use for local armed forces, procurator ate, hotel, large factories etc.. ML Under Vehicle Search Mirror with wheels for the surprise choice of a search operation. According to the actual situation, if the light is insufficient, coupled with a adjustable torch to complement the light in order to avoid missing the check target.
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