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Camera Duck 3 PCS Protective Camera Cover Apple Macbook Laptop Tablet Iphone Android

Product details Why do you need a camera protective cover? The camera protection cover is a new product to prevent privacy leakage in recent years. Faced with network hackers, malicious data theft programs, and lack of self-prevention awareness, our personal lives are constantly being violated by the outside world. The specific manifestation of being attacked, under normal circumstances, there are more screen hijackings. Take you looking at a child with a camera as an example, you can see the situation of your baby at home, not only you but also hackers. And hackers can know when you are at home and what is the situation at home. Not only that, hackers can also control the rotation of the camera. You just want to see your children, but someone wants to see what valuable things you have in your home or the layout of your home. You don't need to turn the camera for him, and hackers can do it too. Key Features1. Webcam protective cover-suitable for laptops, desktops, computers, smart phones, suitable for most devices, can protect your privacy and make your computer or iPad or iPhone, etc. not monitored for you!2. Ultra-thin thickness, ultra-thin and compact, can perfectly fit the laptop. Ultra-thin, the size is very suitable for the front camera of laptops and mobile phones, do not worry about scratching the laptop.3.Removable sliding cover-when you want to take selfies, photos or video chat, this webcam cover is easy to slide open and close.4. Easy to install-installing this camera cover is very simple. First, I make sure that the screen is clean and free of dust, smudges, etc. Secondly, I simply remove the small adhesive backing from the camera cover, align it with the camera, and then Press it firmly into place.5.Our webcam protective cover slide rail is made of metal, smooth and strong, not easy to break.Type:Cases Compatibility:-- Language:--(--) Function:--(--) ApplicationAgeGroup:Adult Color:Black Material:plastic
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