ApexAfro presents CodedPay!

Terms and Conditions of Usage

  1. You’re welcome to CodedPay on ApexAfro!
  2. A smart phone/laptop and data is all you need to be eligible for CodedPay
  3. CodedPay is not available for all products on ApexAfro
  4. There is a 4%/6%/8% interest rate on all CodedPay orders. The Payment Plan you choose will determine the interest rate
  5. A 50% deposit is required for all CodedPay orders
  6. The maximum period of installment payment is four months. Endeavour to choose the Payment Plan that best suits your income. You can choose:
  • 2 Months Payment Plan – 4% interest rate. Payment Option (50% – 54%)
  • 3 Months Payment Plan – 6% interest rate. Payment Option (50% – 33% – 33%)
  • 4 Months Payment Plan – 8% interest rate. Payment Option (50% – 28% – 28% – 27 %)
  1. We strongly advise that, you choose the payment plan (most) convenient for you
  2. Kindly note that, due to the economic instability in Nigeria, until all final payments have been fulfilled; all products on CodedPay are susceptible to price fluctuations. i.e. the price of products on CodedPay can either increase or decrease
  3. Until final deposit(s) has been made, all orders on CodedPay remains just that – ApexAfro’s. Personal claims can’t be made to such items
  4. We strongly implore, you don’t delay/deviate from the stipulated Payment Plan
  5. There will be a 10 days period of grace for defaulters
  6. Failure to pay within this ten days window, will attract a 5% fine, in addition to the original interest rate of the initial deposit defaulted on
  7. You are allowed to request for an order cancellation, although we prefer you don’t
  8. When there is a need for a refund; after an initial deposit(s) has been made, Apex Afro is entitled to 2% of each deposit
  9. Thank you for choosing Apex Afro!